Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why Lingerie Is The Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Significant Other?

So there is only a few more days until christmas and you still do not know what to get your significant other. Purfume and jewlery are over rated. Buying her clothes is a waste, because the next day she is most likely going to go back to the mall and return everything for different clothes and sizes that fit her.

So what do you get her?...
Lingerie Of Course!!

Lingerie is the ultimate christmas gift to buy her.
It is personable and it shows your partner that after all these years, you would love nothing more but to see her in sexy lingerie. Your are expressing how much you love her and how sexy and attracted you are by her. It will provide her the confindence that you are still turned on by her.
Think about it, this is one of the best and appropriate gifts to buy your partner.

Even though lingerie is one of the best gifts to buy your significant other, you must remind her all year round how sexy and beautiful she is. After all, you are in a relationship. So spice things up, make your relationship fun and exciting and purchase her lingerie, who knows where the night could lead to.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dont Wait, Shop Now

Christmas is just around the corner, believe it or not there are only two more weekends left until the holiday is here!! Have no time to make it to the mall? Do not know what purchase for your significant other?

Thats ok1 Dont Worry,

Come Visit our website, beat those crazy crowds at the mall and buy one of the most stylist lingerie for your love today!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Its the most wonderful time of the year!

It is the most wonderful time of the year! It is also the craziest and the most stressful time of the year. The lines at the malls are long, the people are vicious, and it is time consuming.

Here is an idea, instead of waiting on lines, shop at itsybitsybrabar.com and buy your friends,for yourself a special gift, and for men your significant other a gift. Starting monday we are offering 15% off your next purchase on any product.

So stop waiting on lines for lingerie, you no longer have to deal with vicious people and shop at our online store!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Be Thankful, For All The Things That You Are Privilege To Have.

Thanksgiving is Thursday. The day where you and your family get together and enjoy eachother's company. It is also the day when you eat all day long, and just when you think your full, you find room to fit in that delicious apple and pumpkin pie. In conclusion it is the day where your gain 10 pounds.

But, people tend to forget about the true meaning of thanksgiving. So I am here to remind you, it is the time where you sit down and really think about what you are grateful for, if you have not already.

What are you thankful for?

I will tell you, I am thankful for everything.
The clothes i wear, the many types of shoes i own, the opportunity to go to the school of my choice. I am extremely grateful for the house I get to come to everyday and my room. I am grateful that I have a wonderful family, who reminds me everyday how much they love me and my friends, who are there for me through all the up and downs that ever person goes through. Through this touch economy time I am grateful that I have a job.

Now that I told you what I am thankful for, now here is your chance to tell me.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Choosing the perfect open bust lingerie that fits your personality

The open bust lingerie is the ideal outfit to wear to turn your partner on while feeling sexy and seductive at the same time. What is great about the open bust lingerie is that it comes in different styles, sizes and colors to make every women look amazing.

Feeling adventurous and completely confident, the pearl open cup bra and thong panty set is it for you. It shows off every detail of your body. The bra has a double strand pearl trim and ring, while the thong panty had 4 pearl strand trims that are attached to the mail trim through a gold rim.

Want that innocent girl next door look? The baby doll open bust will give you that look. Too add a little bit of drama into it add the crotch less panties. Might look innocent on the outside, but your significant other will get another surprise.

Have a tiny busy? No worries wear a push up open bust shelf bra, to pump up those curves, to get more confident.

Get naughty, be wicked and wear the bust teddies. It shows off those beautiful curves of yours. You will experience a very erotic feel and look by wearing that daring open bust teddies. If you’re looking to highlight your appearance wear black or red it will contrast with your skin tone.

For those women who love a body fitting, see through lingerie style, the mesh camisole with an open bust is the right fit for you. This camisole has skin tone stretches to fit you just right! And what’s more, the camisole has a delicate embroidery that is detailed onto it, achieving a very feminine look.

Finding the perfect open bust lingerie, is trail and error and how you are feeling that day. Always keep in mind when you purchase your lingerie that you feel sexy and comfortable in it, because it will make your night worth your wild.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Check us out on The Lingerie Journal

It is my pleasure to tell everyone that ItsyBitsyBraBar.com has been mentioned on The Lingerie Journal. Check it out!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Bra issues, how do you know whether your bra fits or not.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women wear bras that do not fit them properly?

Did you also know that when you wear a bra that does not fit you right, that is can cause serious problems, such as, back problems, muscle tensions , injury to the breast tissue and even headaches!

How can you even tell when your bra doesnt fit you right?

When the chest size doesnt fit right, the band will be too tight around your ribcage, or it will be too loose and ride up your breast. When the cup size is to small, you will get what I like to call a second boob. Some of your breast will buldge out on top or on the sides. If the cup size it too big, it will wrinkle up and that will not look attractive at all.

You also have to take into considertion the fitting of the straps, it is very important.
The bra straps helps you modify how the cup fits and supports your breasts. When the straps arer at the right length, the bra will lift up the breat comfortably and the back of the bra will run straigh across the back. If it is too tight the bra will pull upwards in the back.

So next time you try a bra on, take these factors into consideration, to make sure the bra fits properly.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day!

Hey ladies,

Today is election day, so go out and vote, because your vote counts!
Women in the past had suffered, fought and faced many challenges in order for women today, to recieve the privileges that they did not have in the past.
So it is important to take advantage of it and become involved with who represents us. It is our way to say thank you to those who fought for women's voting rights.